Become a Volunteer, change a kids life!

If you would like to take part in a life-changing experience we would love to have you join are amazing team of volunteers ♥.
Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization:
I hereby consent to and permit emergency treatment in the event of injury or illness while participating in the event.

Media Release:
I hereby give permission to Champion Oaks Ranch to use my name and any photograph, likeness or image taken of me during the event in any promotional materials, publication or via the website.

Confidentiality Agreement:
To the degree that I may be given access to the identity and details of persons enrolled in Champion Oaks Ranch programs, I will safeguard such information in strict confidence.

Alcohol And Drug Use:
Champion Oaks Ranch policy prohibits the use of alcohol or other unauthorized or illegal drugs during working hours by its volunteers. No volunteer who has been drinking, or is under the influence of unauthorized drugs, will be permitted to work in offices or at Champion Oaks Ranch - sponsored events.

Code of Conduct:
I understand and have agreed to participate in the Champion Oaks Ranch event/program as a volunteer and have read and understand my responsibilities to be performed. Based on the "code of conduct" at Champion Oaks Ranch, I also understand that as a representative of Champion Oaks Ranch, I must always conduct myself in a fashion that does not jeopardize the image of Champion Oaks Ranch.

Appropriate Behavior:
It is my further understanding that Champion Oaks Ranch reserves the right to refuse or dismiss anyone that may case any disturbance or hindrance in any manner that could jeopardize the safety of oneself or others.Transportation: It will be my sole responsibility to obtain the necessary mode of transportation to perform these responsibilities. If for whatever reason I am unable to perform as agreed, I will advise the Champion Oaks Ranch, event coordinator immediately.
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