1. What are the greatest needs of champion oaks ranch?

We are a Christian organization and rely completely on the direction and guidance from God for all our endeavors. We NEED your prayers.

2. What is the primary goal of Champion Oaks Ranch?

Being Christ-centered, our #1 goal is to share the love of Christ with every individual who comes through our doors in hopes of giving them hope. Jeremiah 29:11 & Isaiah 61:1-3

3. Is Champion Oaks Ranch a non-profit organization?

Champion Oaks Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Donations made to Champion Oaks Ranch qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes as allowed by law and IRS guidelines.

4. What type of setting does Champion Oaks Ranch provide?

Champion Oaks Ranch offers a family setting, not a dormitory or institutional setting. Each residence will be home to 6-8 children per home and their House Parents.

5. What is the purpose of Champion Oaks Ranch?

At Champion Oaks we want to be able to offer the care and help these children and their families need to get them on the right track as a whole family so that they can ALL succeed in life.

6. Do you provide any type of counseling?

We will offer private counseling, group counseling, as well as family counseling.

7. What type of programs do you offer?

We will offer an equestrian program, 4H program, and gardening as a reward and to help teach responsibilities.

8. Do you offer any type of educational support?

We will offer a home-school program to get children caught up to where they need to be intellectually and socially.

9. How are finances handled at Champion Oaks Ranch?

Champion Oaks Ranch operates on a debt-free philosophy. All start-up cost plus one year of operating cost will be raised before placing the first child. The average cost per child for one year is $46,000. This includes meals, transportation, clothing, counseling, house parents, and a homeschool program. Additionally, all funds will be raised before any construction or capital improvement projects are started and the next year’s operating budget will be raised before the next year arrives.

10. How is Champions Oaks Ranch funded?

We are 100% PRIVATE FUNDED. Our funds come solely from individuals, churches, civic organizations and corporations. We do not receive any government funding.